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I have a little *secret* and I promise it will make your life easier!

I have a little secret, and I thought it was important to share with you today. Actually, let's be real.. it's not a secret at all, but most people do not realize the true value in something that may seem so small or overlooked, that is actually a powerful blessing and a gift! 

Take a moment and SMILE!  Yup I said it!


You see, when you smile, it sends off happy chemicals in your brain that signal an elevated mood that enhances your overall well-being. In the exact moment that you smile, the memo gets sent to your body and mind to ease up, feel the flow, find the joy, and relax a little!  Maybe you'll even have a bonus "catch of your breath"! ;-)

Even if you aren't feeling "in the mood" to smile, I invite you to make yourself do it! Allow your face to switch gears, your mood will immediately improve! 

How powerful is that?! 

When you smile and give your mood a boost, you may even realize that whatever was on your mind just a few minutes ago is now gone.. it's floated off into the abyss of somewhere unknown and you're now just sitting here smiling and feeling all good like...  "oh yeah.. this feels GOOOOD!"

Your smile will start a chain reaction of feeling good feelings and thoughts, and continue signaling your body to chill a little more, even if you only hold it for a few seconds.

Know there is a lot of power in your smile, and when you share your cheese with others, it magnifies the benefits! 

When you share your cheese, you light up those around you, and maybe, just maybe... it will make them want to smile too. If not, that's ok! they have already received some positive vibes from you! 

How magical!! 

Have you ever had a total stranger just smile at you for no reason while passing by (.. I must admit, it might have been me LOL!) But seriously... it feels so good, right?? You pick up on their contagious happy energy!  Even if you're not feeling top notch,  decide to take matters into your own face and spread that magic to the other person on the receiving end. They may need it more than you realize! 

When you share your cheese with the world, you will, without a doubt, light up all of those around, which makes you feel even better than when you were just smiling for yourself!  

Really, it's a total WIN WIN for everyone!

When you smile, it makes life a little easier. It makes you feel better, and instantly increases your vibes and shifts your energy into an elevated state of being. All those feel good chemicals running through your body will start the momentum and create more and more "feel good vibes", so much so that you get on a feeling awesome roll and...

well, how does it get better than that??!  

Feeling good can be that easy. You can make simple shifts like this to elevate your energy, happify your mood ( that even a word.. HA!) and ease into your tasks at hand. Simply stated, smiles feel good, and really make life a LOT easier.


YUP! I told you! It feels SOOO good!!! Even if it feels silly... silly still feels good!  If you're feeling bold like I was earlier, you can even try cheesin' at yourself in the mirror. YUP! I've done it... I did that a little while ago actually and started laughing at myself  thinking " OMG this is so silly!!" but you know what? It felt good, it gave my overactive mind a break, it brought me into my heart center, and reminded me to find the joy in the little moments. 

I invite you to try the same. There is great beauty and joy to be discovered in the little things we often overlook. Yes, as simple as a smile that will change the whole course of your day, and that of those around you! 

My prayer is that this message brings you a powerful new awareness and perspective on your precious smile, and all the magic behind it! May you use it to spread the love and light to yourself and to the world, with ease and grace today and every day.

All my love & light to you!

~ Lisa  

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