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Can't fall asleep??What I did to stop tossing & start snoozing FAST!

The last few nights I’ve had a hard time falling asleep. I felt exhausted at the end of the day and ready for bed, yet.. as soon as my head hit the pillow MY MIND STARTED RACING....

I didn’t know exactly what I was thinking about or what was on my mind, all I knew was that I wanted to fall asleep, I wasn’t able to, and my thoughts were keeping me up. 

Then the questioning chimed in, adding to the mix. I had a great day, why am I not sleeping? I did XYZ today and felt really good, what the F is going on. OMG THIS IS SOOO ANNOYINGGG… WHY CAN I NOT SLEEEEP!!!  Turn, toss, move…. stretch… turn toss move stretch… UGGHHHHH BRAIN JUST SHUT OFFF !!!

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I know you’ve been there and have had this experience before too. We all have nights where we’re up late and then wake up drained the next morning because we never truly “shut down for rest”. 

 3 nights in a row this happened to me. 3 nights in a row I decided that I was suffering enough and chose to do something about it. 3 nights in a row I got up out of bed, grabbed my Self-Expression Journal and wrote my guts out. 

My first 2 nights were full of anxiety, stress, worry, and random shit that in reality *doesn’t matter* and was just extra energy that I was holding onto and needed to be released. I free wrote many pages, letting my hand go crazy and the pen flood the paper until I started yawning and felt tired. I wrote myself to sleep. 

The first 2 nights I wrote for about 30 minutes (after trying to fall asleep for well over an hour). The decision to stop suffering and start sleeping allowed me to cut some time off of my awake-ness. Had I not decided to write, I likely would have “awake slept & tossed & turned” ALL NIGHT LONG, and then woke up on the wrong side of the bed…. 

I chose differently. I chose to do something proactive about it. I chose to use a practice that has helped me so many times before, why not now? And you know what... IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! 


Last night was a little different, night number 3. I still had a hard time falling asleep, but instead of suffering for over an hour, it was about 15 minutes into my sleep struggle when I got up to write. 

I wrote for about 15 minutes, and the blessings that came through catapulted me into a deep restful sleep, and into my day today.

What came onto these pages felt very different from the previous nights. It felt like peace and support. It felt like I needed to re-read it when I woke up this morning. ( NOTE: This is new in that when I “brain dump” I do NOT read it again because I do not want to fill my mind with any of that anxious shit. I write it down and let it go (often times through burning up the pages).

Last nights journaling experience was divine guidance coming through FOR me. I felt called to read it, and I received confirmation that it was messages FOR me. I was being guided with clarity on what I actively needed to heal and release so that I could move forward on my journey with peace & ease. 

I am grateful my husband decided to fill his cup with golf today, so I was able to have some solo time to heal and release today. I allowed myself to feel through the fears and doubts coming up. I facilitated my own healing with Energy clearing techniques, meditative affirmations, and then grounding in new uplifting energy of gratitude and appreciation. I sat in a still meditation of surrender. I took my time coming out of this experience, and felt the breeze on my skin, witnessed a bunny looking at me intently with blessings of abundance.  I felt a feeling of peace and appreciation wash over me for the healing that I had received and the revived energy I felt. To enhance my practice, I slugged a glass of water while I stood in the grass to ground in, gave myself a reviving spritz with my Aura Clearing Mist and rolled on some Shine Oil .

I took 5 deep breaths, felt incredible peace and relief moving through me, and the inspiration to share this story washed over me, knowing that this message will serve you greatly today as you seek deeper peace on your own path. 

I pray in your moments of challenge and suffering, that you reach for uplifting practices to bring you back into peace & grace. I am grateful that my experiences & guidance can light the way for you.  You deserve to experience the ease of alignment.  Every moment is new!

with infinite love, light, and gratitude,


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