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Self-Care gets to be simple! {Inside} 3 minutes to Peace 🙌🏼✨💓☯️

Did you know, Self-Care can be REALLY simple??  Do you love complicating things, over-thinking, and ending up in analysis paralysis and then do nothing at all??  Yeah... I know a LOT about that too! I’m a recovering perfectionist and over-analyst myself ( we are all a work in progress, right?!) but when I find myself in that space, I remind myself that 


I just have to choose to take one small action that will feel really good and bring me back into a peaceful moment.  When you take a brief pause, just 1-3 minutes when you find yourself spiraling makes all the difference!

 Just from that ONE choice you make to center, breathe, and BE, your energy will shift and align you into more focus, ease and grace. You’ll feel empowered and maybe give yourself a pat on the back, like, “Oh yeah girl, You got this!”  Then get on back to doing the things, aligned with ease and grace! 

YES, I promise it can be that simple!! 

Try it right now and FEEL the difference for yourself 😉 Tune in for your 3 minute Tune up here!

SoundBath + Aligned Guidance message for you= Peaceful Bliss!  Close your eyes,  listen in, and enjoy! 

~ Love & light to you!


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