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If you desire relief and healthy, holistic, and effective ways to start healing your anxiety, this offering will bring you powerful pespectives and effective techniqes to release what's ailing you and assist you in managing your stress/anxiety better in your daily life. 


Topics included in this training : 

Creating a space for Peace

Prioritizing your wellness

Benefits of retreating & releasing

How to Discover Your Triggers

How to Heal your Triggers

5 Specific Feel Good Practices-- The Why + "How To's" 

Movement, Breathwork, Tapping, Meditation,  and Journaling.


Following this experience you will feel more at ease, have effective tools to heal and manage your Anxiety symptoms  on the regular, and hold a more empowering and feel good mindset, enhancing your quality of life for the better! 


You will receive access to 10 live recorded videos, totalling approximately 90 minutes.


 ** please note: I am not a Doctor or Therapist and this information shall not be taken as medical treatment or advice.** 




The number 5 signifies the need for change  and new levels of growth. The number 5 relates to personal freedom, making positive choices and major life changes that lead to an overall inner/outer transformation. 


Healing For Anxiety

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