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Welcome Love! 

My mission in service is to guide and support awakening and conscious souls into a higher quality of LIVING. I believe that as we dissolve fears and limitations, and shift our focus onto BEING the ripple effect in HIGHER LOVE, we evolve and elevate our entire sphere of influence, and thus the planet as a whole. May we all rise into higher UNITY, Christ Consciousness, Joy, WELL-BEING, abundance and Light. 


As a Spiritual & Vibrational, Intuitive Soul Guide, Quantum Source Channeler and Energy Worker, 

My speciality is in multidimensional Soul healing & evolution, the Law of Attraction,

Soul Aligned Manifestation, and Embodied Transformation.

I am honored to have you here and to partner with you on your journey! 


With love, light, and abundant blessings, 

Lisa Harriet & CO 

(Source + my team in Spirit) ​

I’m SOUL glad you found your way here! 


Let’s Vibe! 

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