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The Aligned Guidance Angel Cards hold a high Angelic Frequency that is here to assist you on your souls evolutionary journey. 


Their pure, loving, gentle, and activating energy is here to support you, comfort you, heal you, and encourage you, as you open new doors of possibility.


You will feel instant  internal shifts into elevated states of being, aligning you into higher peace, joy, love, healing, harmony, wellbeing and abundance! 


You will feel the presence of Universal Source <God/Creator/Higher Power/Holy Spirit> WITH YOU, as you receive the messages that speak directly to your soul, in each moment of resonance that you connect and commune with them.


They are great for beginners on their spiritual journey, as well as spiritual enthusiasts, healers, intuitives, guides, coaches, and other sacred professionals and facilitators.


There is a “How to Use Your Cards” card, for specific directions on getting the most out of your Spiritual Practice with them. 


There are a total of 44 Cards comprised of:

  • empowering messages 
  • self-care practices
  • healing prayers
  • inspirational direction on your life's path
  • grounded guidance towards manifestation, raising your vibration, and receiving your hearts desires.  


Each Angel Card Deck is intentionally cleared and blessed before being sent.  


I am SOUL honored to have brought them into the world, and humbled by the incredibly divine stories receivers continue to share! 


I am soul gratefu thatl you will be receiving and experiencing their sacred healing, wisdom, guidance and support next! 


May they abundantly bless all of your days to come. 


With love and light, 

Lisa Harriet & Co. 


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