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The energy within is this experience is held in a high frequency of Light, Love, Grace, Safety, and Hope.


Does this sound like you?


You are Awakening deeper into Spirituality

You are seeing lots of signs and/or witnessing Synchronicity

You are feeling more emotional and over-all more sensitive

You trust you are being guided, by your intuiton and a spiritual presence, and yet you still feel lost, confused, and alone on your journey. 


You're not sure what to make of all of this and it feels a bit scary, scattered, and overwhelming.


You’re not even sure what exactly is going on… but you know something within you feels very " different" and you're getting curious to explore working with your intution & guides MORE. 


You’re walking the path of uncertainty, and you are ready to make some "sense" of it all.


If this resonates, and you desire to:


Gain clarity on your path. 

To understand & enhance your intution, signs, sensitivies and relationship with your spirit guides.

Raise your Vibration and Trust yourself MORE. 


This offering has been created for YOU!


This Divinely Guided Experience includes: 


* Audio Recording, of Channeled Divine Messages and Guidance to walk you through the shifts of your awakening, deeper intuitive & spiritual connections, and enveloping you with High Vibrational Energy. 


* 15 Page Guidebook of Information & Practices, including Journaling prompts and Affirmations


* Three Guided Meditations: 

Morning Energetic Alignment

Spirit Guide Connections

Evening Relaxation & Energy Clearing 


You will expand your spiritual understanding

You will learn, grow, feel a deep sense of peace, and community. 

You will feel safe within this Sacred Divine Space.


Following this experience and as you apply & integrate, 


You will be able to intuit what your signs are meaning to you

You will better understand your intuitive senses

You will learn how to create an intimate connection with your guides. You will navigate your continued awakening with more awareness, lightness, hope, and ease.




"We are with you."


I am honored to hold this sacred space for you, to guide you through, and to facilitate transformational shifts, along side of you!


With love, light, and happy dances, 

Lisa Harriet



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