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You’re Invited! 🤩



During this interactive “hot seat” style experience, you will have the opportunity to receive individualized guidance around your current life circumstance, manifesting your desires, and ask any spiritual questions that are on your mind & heart. 


The intention of this offering is to broaden your perspective and understanding, raise your vibrational frequency, and for you to receive the most empowering & supportive messages for your souls highest evolution, expansion, and ascension journey, in the present moment.


Whether you are “in the hot seat” or not, you will receive PLENTY simply by being in our collective space, as the words shared with others, may also resonate and apply to you too! 


You will feel a deep sense of connection, commUnity, Support, and divine LOVE throughout this powerful co-creative experience together. 


We are THRILLED to gather with you! 

Lisa + Team U

Lisa Harriet is an Intuitive Divine Channel of benevolent and pure Loving Light. 

Through her God-Given Gifts and abilities, she connects, communicates, and interprets energetic/vibrational information from many realms of Spiritual/Source Consciousness ( whom she refers to as Team U!) 





We will gather via ZOOM video meeting at 8:30pm on the following dates.

The exchange is $44.44 per event. 

September 29, 2022

October 27, 2022

November 21, 2022

December 22, 2022 



  • Energetic/Vibrational principles & enlightening Spiritual Teachings.

  • Intuitive Guidance specific to the energy of the LIVE participants.

  • Breakthroughs, Shifts, Higher Potentials Realized and MUCH more! 

  • Energy Work + Light Activations 

  • Approx 90min -2 hours.

  • Replay will be available if you cannot attend LIVE.


If you cannot attend LIVE, and desire specific guidance —  Please submit a brief expression of your circumstance you desire guidance on and/or a question you would like answered prior to the event date VIA EMAIL to  


I am SOULL excited and honored to co-create this expansive experience with you soon! 


With infinite love, light, and happy dances,

Lisa Harriet & Co.

Let’s Connect! 

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I am grateful to serve you! Thank you for connecting!


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